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21 February 2016

Translation: This 16-year-old Artist Paints Her Dreams, and the Result Is Fascinating

This article by Amélia Labiod was originally published by The Huffington Post in French on February 5, 2016.

You can work at talent, and genius has no age. Dimitra Milan proves it. This young, 16-year-old artist expresses her dreams, ideals and memories through painting. And the result is fascinating.

Dimitra Milan, who comes from a family of artists, grew up surrounded by works of art and creativity in her parents’ Milan Art Institute in Arizona. Having gotten her high school diploma at a very young age, she took courses at home in order to be able to explore her artistic creativity without constraints. Today, the young woman cultivates this passion for painting and has her own style, both soft and hypnotic.

For her, art is a spiritual rather than intellectual activity. “I want the paintings to be like a door to a new world, a heavenly realm where there are no prey and there are no predators, just beauty, hope, adventure, confidence, and of course love. All of this I think I do on a sub-conscience, right brain level. It's not calculated or pre-determined. It sort of happens organically and naturally. I don’t want to be limited by technique or a missing skill,” she admitted during an interview with MyModernMet.

Her Instagram account is like her work — ethereal and colorful. She regularly posts photos of her paintings on it.

“I think the places I see in my head and then paint are a combination of places I have been to and also what I dream at night. I have had many dreams where I am swimming underwater and able to breath underwater.” 

“The most important advice I received is the demonstration of a work ethic. They taught me that you don’t always have to be in the mood to paint. You just paint. Every day, for eight or nine hours straight just like any other career choice. Like everything else in life, it's hard work, passion, and commitment that will make you successful.”

“It used to be like this: when I became stuck on a painting and didn’t know how to resolve it, I would quit and move on to something new. Now, I realize that, in order to become more skilled, I need to confront my comfort zones and push through the wall that's blocking me because a breakthrough is on the other side. I paint women and animals/nature together to create a dreamy atmosphere and to give you a feeling that anything is possible.”

Dimitra Milan’s work is available on her website.