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31 August 2010

Liya Sheer

1. Where and how would you display your work in an ideal situation?
Ideally I would display my artwork in an art gallery event with a couple of other artists.

2. If expository writing is good at elucidating and proving a point and
descriptive geometry gives us the tools by which to map objects in space
in relation to one another, what kind of an apparatus does art afford us?
What does art do best?
In my opinion art creates feelings and emotions; stimulates the brain to think, explore, and question; allows the creator to express himself in a visual form, and the audience to read the painting and develop an intellectual connection with the artwork.

3. What can you expect from your audience/fans/viewing public? What would you
like them to know about your work?
I would like them to wonder, question, and feel.

4. Marcel Duchamp said - "Enough with retinal art!" What is your reaction as an artist to this statement?
I believe strongly in art that appeals to the mind rather than to the eye; however, in a tough and complicated world it is understandable for an audience to have a preference for pretty, perfect, calm pictures that would just be pleasing to the eye rather than art that requires effort to concentrate and exercise your brain. Some people prefer to have art that does not express any opinions or political views.

5. Do you think that there is still room for art movements in today's
pluralistic climate?
Yes, always.

6. What is one question you wished we had asked you about your art? Please
feel free to answer it.
"How you develop ideas for your art work?"