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25 May 2016

'Summer Burners' at Artists & Makers Studios: ChrisRWK

Apparently, love is not always the answer.

ChrisRWK (Robots Will Kill) is an artist who is inspired by his childhood comics from the 1980s, popular culture as presented on TV, movies and books, and by chance encounters. He takes the images produced in the media, processes and stores them in his mental "cache," and creates his own language out of them, expressed in his artwork. In 2001, Chris founded Robots Will Kill, a popular website that collects and presents the work of graffiti artists across the world. Chris will be presenting his work at "Summer Burners," opening June 3, 2016 at Artists & Makers Studios in Rockville, MD.

1. How would you describe your work?

My work can be described as a healthy mix of illustration, graffiti, layers and the raising of questions. The layers tell of the history and time that has passed. The content usually relates to the everyday person that you walk by each day. They are the people who have a story to tell, something to say, but you just don’t know it because the encounter is so brief. So, my aim is to make the viewer look at these people and start to wonder what their story is.

2. What is the function of street art?

For me, it's always been a way to invite anyone to enjoy art and not just the people who can afford to collect artwork. 

3. How do you think your work will translate to a gallery setting?

I've always liked that in a gallery setting, "street" work is put directly in front of people — the same people that would most likely walk past it on the street and not care to look at it. I feel that my work creates a discussion with the viewers and helps them to realize that what they've walked past a number of times could be considered art. 

Artists & Makers Studios is presenting two shows for the month of June 2016:
"Summer Burners" (Graffiti) and "Best of the Art Leagues" (Work by the Art League of Germantown)
Opening Reception (for both) 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Friday, June 3, 2016
Artists & Makers Studios is located at 11810 Parklawn Dr. Suite 210 Rockville, MD 20852