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04 August 2010

Soline Krug

1. Where and how would you display your work in an ideal situation?
A show in a respected, well-known gallery would be ideal for me. It would increase the visibility and the impact my work might have. Also, showing in a place like an Asperger’s association would mean a lot to me. I would think that my work would touch my audience, as it touched me and my family. I would want convert my work into an experience and ask other art forms to interact with it. I would also want butoh dancers to come and perform in the middle of my show.

2. If expository writing is good at elucidating and proving a point and
descriptive geometry gives us the tools by which to map objects in space
in relation to one another, what kind of an apparatus does art afford us?
What does art do best?
Art brings emotion, interaction and connects with the viewer/public. Art is not understood on a descriptive level. This is what art does best: art is free from description. It does not need description to exist. Art is about evoking an interpretation: ie. letting the viewer/public have their own. Art is about complete liberty.

3. What can you expect from your audience/fans/viewing public? What would you
like them to know about your work?
I think I can expect the viewer to look at my work closely and look for answers, wish for something different, start a discussion about why and how.

I don’t know if I want the viewer to know so much. This is a little contradictory to the notion of interpretation that I bring up in question #2. I would rather witness a pure relationship between the viewer and my work. And maybe then, when they have had the chance to have their own story, I would tell mine.

4. Marcel Duchamp said - "Enough with retinal art!" What is your reaction as an artist to this statement?
I have a lot of respect for Duchamp. He is an infinite source of inspiration for artists. But I see him more as a philosopher than as an artist since he is “missing,” even on purpose, the retinal component. But let’s face it, how could I blame him for wanting to bring art into a new dimension?

5. Do you think that there is still room for art movements in today's
pluralistic climate?
I am wondering if there has ever been “no pluralistic climate”. I think history is filtering a lot for us. So sure, history will do the job again and tell us what the art movement of the early 21st century were. I would mention street art as an example of a movement.

6. What is one question you wished we had asked you about your art? Please
feel free to answer it.
You could have asked me what makes my art interesting. So let’s do some shameless self- promotion. I would answer that my work deals with the origins of the human being: the basic, everlasting dilemma between nature and society, the individual vs. the mass. Since I have been working on this subject, it seems to me as if this is the source of everything I see. There is still a lot to come because I had this kind of revelation only a few months ago. But I can promise that this is going to be an adventure to look forward to.