27 January 2024

Translation: Giacomo Leopardi Infinity

Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer Above the Sea Fog, 1818

This is Bora Mici's original Italian to English translation of the poem L'Infinito or Infinity by the Romantic Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi. The poem expresses the poet's solitude and his desire to merge with the landscape and transcend the present moment, while paradoxically absorbing himself in it.

Infinity by Giacomo Leopardi 

Always dear to me has been this lonely hill, 
And this hedge that prevents the eyes 
From looking at so much of the farthest horizon. 
But sitting and gazing at endless 
Spaces beyond it, I conjure in my 
Thoughts superhuman silences 
And the deepest calm; wherein my heart 
Almost fearfully trembles. And like the wind 
I hear rustling through these plants, I 
Start comparing that infinite silence 
With this voice: and I remember eternity, 
And seasons passed, and the present 
Is alive, and her sound. And so amidst this 
Expansiveness my thoughts drown: 
And shipwreck is sweet to me in this sea.

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